St George’s Day

Zulu Company celebrate Saint George’s Day in Patrol Base Lashkar Gah Durai.

As the rest of England celebrate the national day back home the Warrior Company of the First Fusiliers take time away from their busy life in Helmand to make their own St George’s Day celebrations.

The day started with a football tournament. With tent poles and cam-nets for goals, four teams from the Company battled it out on the improvised pitch. High winds and fine dust under foot meant eye-protection was a wise choice! The tournament was hard-fought and, in the end, the Fusilier team won with the Senior Non-Commissioned Officers second, leaving the Junior Non-Commissioned Officers and Officers in their dust-clouds.

Next on the day’s itinerary was a “Superstars” competition, organised by Sergeant Wilde of 11 Platoon, where soldiers from all parts of the Company put themselves through a series of gruelling physical challenges in order to demonstrate their battle-fitness and vie for the ultimate honour of being crowned the Zulu Company Superstar.

The stations were tough, ranging from a quadruple 25m jerrycan-carry shuttle run to a progressively heavier kettle-bell overhead press (which culminated in 45kg). There were some impressive demonstrations of prowess and it is clear that the Company is in good shape. In third place was Fusilier David Morrison of 11 Platoon and second was Corporal Mark Chance of the Counter-IED and Search team. The overall winner was Corporal Victor Ahiavor also of 11 Platoon, who has already tasted fame as part of the Army, Ghanaian and Great Britain Judo teams, narrowly missing the Olympic team in 2012.

Sergeant Jamie Coleman of the Royal Logistic Corps, joined by his brother, Staff Sergeant Jase Coleman, the Artificer Sergeant, from the REME, coordinated a barbeque feast to help the day’s competitors recharge their batteries. After a routine 24-hour period on rations this was a welcome part of the St George’s Day celebrations.

The day finished with a quiz and the Superstar prize-giving. The final words for the day go to Company Sergeant Major Lee Jones, quoting the unofficial Company maxim:

“Never above; Never below; Always side by side.”

Photographer – Capt Malcolm Dalzel-Job © MOD / Crown Copyright, 2013. This image is for current news purposes only and is available for further use under the Open Government License


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